Thursday, August 20, 2009

Making and Sharing MAGIC!

My beloved friend, Annalisa Sand wrote on my Face Book Wall: "I can't believe I just LOOKED at this "area" of FB for the 1st time!.....Oh my Goddess, where do I START?! Linda, I feel like the princess, and you are the Fairy Goddessmother, and I've been sprinkled with your magic, sparkly fairy-dust!! I LOVE your creations, and I love wearing and sharing about them...I've had women walk straight at me from 100yds away just to tell me they noticed them from way over there, and had to say how they loved them!!!...And , when I'm driving in the daytime's like a Disco in my car! I sometimes think, 'I wonder if all those other drivers can see this? Or if they know that the sparkles are making me smile like this?'...and I say, Thank you sweet Sistah!!! I LOVE YOU with all of my Being!! I'll be spreading the Aloha Deva soon!!! ♥"

PS:"ADORA DEVA no ka oi!"

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